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Brand Name: FangNymph

Hot Selli 2Pcs Unisex Sport Waist Bag Super Light Waterproof Travel Pack Smartphone Bag Pouch Belt Purse Running Outdoor

1.POCKETS - Made by nylon, pacious 2 pocket zippered compartments with reinforced double stitching. Pockets can comfortably hold cell phone, keys, wallet, and more.
2.SIZE - 24 x 14cm/9.4" x  5.5" (approx). Adjustable nylon waistband. High quality, 100% premium durable nylon construction which allows the pack to remain comfortable while holding all your stuff.
3.Unisex and great for men, women and kids.
4.WATER RESISTANT & DURABLE -  Keeps your belongings dry in the rain.
5. Reinforced stitching along the seams to support the weight of all your items. Won't rip or tear even in the toughest terrain.

2 x Waist bags

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