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Type: Insulated

Size:: 23X13 cm

Origin: CN(Origin)

Net Capacity:: 200g

Material: nylon + Gel

Color:: dark blue

Brand Name: NINEFOX

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These reusable ice packs may be used as cooling cold packs or soothing heat pads.
Cold therapy or cryotherapy is a highly effective method for treating acute sports injuries, activity injuries to soft tissue. Plastic surgeons also recommend postoperative use.following post op surgery.
Our gel ice packs may also be used to apply heat therapy or thermotherapy for pain relief.
Heated gel ice packs can also be beneficial to those with arthritis and stiff muscles as well as for deep tissue injuries.
The correct application of ice packs for injuries can aid the healing process in a few ways.
The cold ice packs will constrict blood vessels, which reduces swelling and the blood flow around the injury.
Ice packs will help to numb the pain and prevent muscle spasms.
By lowering the temperature of the injured area the cellular processes are reduced which can help to minimise soft tissue damage

Size is about(L*W): 23 *13 cm
Material: nylon + Gel
Color: dark blue
Net Capacity: 200g

Cold compress: put in the freezer or refrigerator freezer room (-10℃ -- 20℃) pre-cooling more than 30 minutes can be used.
Hot compress: wrap a small wet towel in a cold and hot bag, put it in the microwave oven and heat it on medium heat. The first heating time is within 20 seconds. Feel the temperature is right after taking it out.If it is not hot enough, heat for another 15 seconds until the temperature is suitable.(different brands of microwave ovens, use slightly different, the beginning of the experiment to find a suitable heating time;Then use).
Hot water heating: put the hot and cold bag into the boiling water to soak for about 4 minutes, if the temperature is not enough, can be heated for another 1 minute!

Package included:1PC x Hot Cold Pack


1. This dressing bag is only suitable for external use. If the package is inadvertently damaged, the inner liquid may be rubbed into the eyes or skin. Wash it with water. order to prevent the temperature from being too high or too low, it is best to use a towel or cotton cloth to wrap it. If it feels uncomfortable after application, it should be put down for a while and then applied. If the user's circulatory system is faulty, please consult the doctor first. 
3. Never put the bag in a microwave oven that has not been filled with water to raise the temperature.
4.Because this product is a liquid of high-polymer compounds, it can't go aviation (the state stipulates that liquids cannot be transported by airplane).

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