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Type of sports: Hunting

Origin: CN(Origin)

Brand Name: GZYF

Material: Nylon
Size: length 12cm*width 10.5cm*height 9cm
Weight: 0.11kg
Color: black, brown, green, CP, ACU, desert digital, black scorpion color
Suitable for: can be used to hold marbles and slingshots


Product Features
1: It can be hung around the waist, or hung on a backpack.
2: Front and back pocket design, the front can put slingshot, the back pocket can enlarge the steel ball
3: The pocket adopts a concealed buckle design + zipper design for easy access
4: Top hanging buckle The top of the bag is designed with a hanging buckle, which is convenient for hanging the bag for use.
5: The webbing buckle is designed with a webbing buckle on the back of the bag, which can be worn into the leather belt.


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